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SmartLAB� Profi Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - D31400-SmartLAB Profi

SmartLAB� Profi Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Blood Pressure Monitors D31400-SmartLAB Profi

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Measuring Range: 0-295mmHg
Measuring Accuracy: ±3mmHg
Heart/Pulse Range: 40-180/min
Pulse Accuracy: within 5%
Cuff Size: 300 x 70mm
Dimensions: 165 x 96 x 65mm
Weight: 300g (without batteries)
Batteries: DC 6V or 4 x AA Batteries
Battery Life: 1 month for 3/day
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 55°C
Operating Temperature: 5°C to 40°C

SmartLAB profi Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Fully Automatic Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor for Self Control!!

Based on Oscillometric methodology and silicon integrated pressure sensor, blood pressure and pulse rate can be measured automatically and non-invasively. The LCD display of your
smartLAB®profi will show blood pressure and pulse rate. The most recent 3 x 30 measurements can be stored in the memory with date and time stamp. The monitor can also show the average reading of the last three measurements.

With this device you can easily control your blood pressure and pulse rate and store the measured values. Colored Bi-Classification LEDs on the device show you immediately how your measuring result can be interpreted in a medical sense.


2 Year Warranty

Battery Powered
Automatic Testing
3 x 30 test memory
Date and Time
Irregular Heart Beat Indication
3 User Profiles
Bi-Classification Indicator
Blood Pressure
Pulse Rate
Large LCD Display
Very Easy to use
Results in seconds



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